This section of the site is targeted to developers, you will need to develop your application into our API. If you just want to use Telecube services as a retail customer click here.

This API will accept GET or POST requests. POST is recommended and will take precedence if multiple methods send the same parameter with a different value.

There are some methods that require an array of data which should be sent in a POST request. You must encode the array of data in the same format as the response you are expecting returned.

There are some basic rules that apply to all methods.

  • The url will define the method called. For example:
  • The API can return json or serialized php format, json is default and you can set the response format in the query string. Eg;
  • For debugging or testing you can send format=txt and receive the response in text format.


A failed request will return an error response in the requested format with a status code, please refer to the status codes description.

An api key can be set to readonly for dev testing purposes. If the key is readonly and a read/write method is called the response will come back the same as if data was written but with status code 304 and no additions or updates will take place.

Please note it is expected that you will store data locally as much as possible for display to your customers. Some of our functions may make it possible to display information to your customers on the fly, however this is not the spirit behind the reason for providing this api. It is intended to be a gateway to our services and not as a data storage facility.

Abuse of the API may see your access privileges revoked.