Communicate Outside The Box

Core Features

Auto Attendant (IVR)

Play recorded greeting to incoming callers and prompt for keypresses to route incoming calls to different extensions.

Busy Lamp Field

Monitor other extensions in the same office or across the globe.

Custom Music On Hold

Upload your own music on hold files and manage multiple files on multiple extensions.


More Features

Local Number Porting

Port your existing landline numbers from Telstra or Optus fixed lines onto the Telecube network. Keep your existing numbers and save line rental costs.

Attended Transfer

Transfer calls to another extension or external number after speaking to the new recipient and confirm they want to take the call.


Upload voicemail greetings in the portal and receive the messages as .wav or .mp3 files into your email inbox.

Instant Relocation

Moving office or even working from home for the day is easy with our network. Simply plug the handset in at the new location and you will be online and connected immediately.

Call Overflows (Line Hunt)

Overflow incoming calls to a mobile or other number if you are unable to take the call.

Call Pickup

Pickup calls ringing on other handsets in the office or across the globe.

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