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NBN - Critical Information

This is a critical information summary for NBN services.

Information about the service

Service Description The internet service is delivered on NBN infrastructure provided by the carriers we resell through.
Minimum term Month to month contract
Offer Inclusions
  • Data allowance according to selected plan.
  • Shaped to 256/256 Kbps when exceeded monthly allowance
  • Dynamic IP address included on all plans.
  • Data bundles can be purchased on request.
  • Online data usage reporting
Offer Exclusions
  • No modem is included with any broadband plans.
Important conditions This is a prepaid service and you are required to ensure there is credit in your account to cover the monthly cost of the broadband service in advance. However, this does not mean that if you do not top up your account that it will automatically be cancelled. You will continue to be billed for the Service until you contact us to cancel the service.
Important limitations

Service availability is reliant on our carriers having infrastructure available to service your location.

Important restrictions  
Important qualifications
  • All times are AEST
  • PEAK hours 7AM to midnight
  • OFFPEAK hours midnight to 7AM
  • Both upload and download data is included in data usage
Important Recommendations  

Information about the pricing

Setup Fees $33
Minimum monthly charge One months cost depending on the plan you select.
Maximum monthly charge NA
Early termination charge No early termination charge.
Speed change charge Plan changes are free.
New Development Fee There may be a new development charge in some locations, please ask if it will apply to you when ordering.

Plan pricing summary

NBN Fixed / Wireless^
  Peak Data Offpeak Data 12/1 Mbps^ 25/5 Mbps^ 50/20 Mbps^ 100/40 Mbps
S 10 GB 40 GB $30 ($0.60/GB) $35 ($0.70/GB) $45 ($0.90/GB) $50 ($1.00/GB)
M 50 GB 200 GB $40 ($0.16/GB) $45 ($0.18/GB) $55 ($0.22/GB) $60 ($0.24/GB)
L 100 GB 400 GB $50 ($0.10/GB) $55 ($0.11/GB) $65 ($0.13/GB) $70 ($0.14/GB)
XL 250 GB 1000 GB $60 ($0.048/GB) $65 ($0.052/GB) $75 ($0.060/GB) $80 ($0.064/GB)
XXL 500 GB 2000 GB   $75 ($0.030/GB) $85 ($0.034/GB) $90 ($0.036/GB)
XXXL 1000GB 5000GB   $85 ($0.014/GB) $95 ($0.016/GB) $100 ($0.017/GB)

Other Information

Access your data usage You can access your data usage by going to My Account
Customer service contact During business hours 9AM to 5PM weekdays call 13 28 23 or +61 3 9097 7770 or email any time.
TIO contact details

We will work hard to rectify any problem you might have with us or our service, if however you have exhausted all avenues for resolving your complaint and aren't satisfied with the suggested remedies, you can contact the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (TIO) by phone on 1800 062 058

For full contact details, visit: